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Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group

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The BRFC Action Group was formed by Glen Mullan and Simon Littler on the backdrop of organised protests where supporters came together to show their discontent at the direction the club was going under its current ownership and management. By January 2012 the group had grown to levels which were unsustainable for a two man band and the need for a democratically elected committee by the supporters was apparent. Today the group’s rapid rise has seen them become the largest independent supporters group in the club’s 137 year history.

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Suite 6

Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre

Ewood Park



Telephone: 01254 841760
Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group
RT @rovers_chat: A massive thanks to the @BRFCActionGroup for the donation towards the page! Will really help grow the page and achieve wha
So why is David Newton allowed to continue working at @FA after this? We met him back in 2011 and he was made aware


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