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The Making Rooms BwD CiC

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The Making Rooms is a place where creativity, technology and advanced manufacturing come together in a community facility for use by businesses, artists, inventors, students, children and just about everyone else to design and make anything from high-tech products and gadgets to toys, artworks, home decorations and t-shirts.

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1 Exchange Street



Telephone: 07590 007762
The Making Rooms BwD CiC
Well done to everyone who attended @TheMakingRooms laser-cut clock workshop yesterday, each clock was unique! stay
@TheMakingRooms/status/845958167129444352'>17 hours ago
We're so glad you enjoyed yourselves!! They look fantastic, well done on the laser cutter. See you soon
@TheMakingRooms/status/845916743918870531'>20 hours ago


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