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Covid Prevention Business advice – update

Local additional precautionary workplace guidance has been issued to reduce the potential for community transmission.

In our shops,in advance of the Governments mandatory introduction of face coverings on 24th July it is now the Council’s guidance that everyone visiting our shops and spaces such as libraries should wear face coverings.

In workplaces and offices, where safe Covid working has been established, such as at desks and workstations, face coverings do not need to be worn.  As part of the extra precautionary measures however staff are being advised to wear a face covering when however briefly they are utilising shared/enclosed communal spaces such as entrances, corridors, toilets, and kitchens.  This principle to be applied to all other enclosed working environments.

When working outdoors and where able to maintain social distancing, staff should not be expected to wear face coverings.

The new guidelines can be found here.