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Eden School Careers Day Request

Eden School is looking for local businesses to help support their career’s morning on Wednesday the 4th March.

The school is looking for business people to share their experiences through a careers carousel and also representatives from work and industry who can take students through avenues for them to get into employment.

Between 9:45am – 11:15am the Careers Carousel will be running for Year 9-11 students.

Eden School would like its students to meet with a range of employers who cover a broad range of industries in order to develop their understanding of the wide range of roles that exist within the local area.

Through a carousel activity, students will have a short window (approximately 12 minutes) to find out about the company, different job roles and what they should be doing in order to prepare themselves for the working world.

If your company would be able to support this by giving them a few hours of your time to develop the  future workforce please contact