Fantastic Futures Event – 31 January 2018 at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Ensuring our students are able to make the right careers choices is really important to us at DACA.   I would like to invite you to be part of our “Fantastic Futures” event, one of a series of events that takes place throughout the year at Darwen Academy to inform, advise and guide our students regarding their careers.  With this event we hope to bring our students face to face with some successful local people.  The aim is to inspire and raise the aspirations of our Year 9 students (13/14 years old), as well as allow them to discover the employment opportunities in the local area and the skills needed for success in their chosen career.

On Wednesday 31st January we will be hosting 2 separate events here at the Academy:

1.       Fantastic Futures for boys. (8.45am-10.05am)

2.       Fantastic Futures for girls.(10:25 am – 11:45am)

 We are looking for local employers who are happy to chat to our students (female for the girls session and males for the boys), for 10 minutes at a time, about their career path  (what subjects they studied at school, college, university?  What they did next?  What they have done to get where they are now?  Future plans).  This will be followed by a Q & A.  After 15 minutes, the speakers will swap tables and the process will be repeated.  These events follow the same format and there will no more than 8 students sat at a table at any one time.

 This type of event gives our students the opportunity to learn about different career paths and inspires their future plans.  We are looking for volunteers who are able to participate and support at both these events.  If you are able to spare a few hours and be an inspiration to our students then please e-mail Hive as soon as possible.