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Get free business advice from local experts from today

In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday, the publication of the strategic recovery plan yesterday, and the further guidance issued around safe workplaces, BwD Hive in partnership with Blackburn BID and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are hosting a special ‘Ask the Experts’ Q&A session entitled ‘Planning Ahead’.

The partnership is committed to helping business in Blackburn with Darwen deal with the impact of the Coronavirus and, while we may not have all the answers straight away, we will find someone who can answer your question to the best of their ability at this time.

This special ‘ask the experts’ session will open from 12:00 noon today (May 12th 2020) and will run until Sunday May 17th 2020.

If you are unclear about an aspect of the Government’s update to the lockdown restrictions – whether that relates to your business, your employees or your home life – get in touch at

By posting your question, you’ll not only get advice and guidance for you, but you’ll be helping other businesses across the area too.

You don’t need to login or register to ask your question, and you can post it anonymously if you wish.

Ian Brown Chair of BwD Hive, Nicola Clayton Chair of Blackburn BID and Councillor Phil Riley Executive Member for Growth and Development at Blackburn with Darwen Council said: “This is a critical time for local business as we begin the transition to the new normal. We urge all businesses that are struggling or who are unsure what its next steps are to reach out and get involved with these sessions. We are pleased that together we are facilitating advice sessions like ‘ask the experts’; providing the opportunity for our businesses to support each other as we continue on our shared journey to nurture a strong local economy.”