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Hive support Darwen Terracotta recruitment drive

Darwen Terracotta is a local business producing high quality bespoke products to the architectural industry in the UK and all over the world.

Hive Chair, Ian, has been in conversations with them about recruitment issues they have.  Ian helped create a new partnership between Darwen Terracotta and the Employer Adviser Team, at Blackburn Jobcentre.

The job centre has been running a ‘Work Trial’ initiative where candidates, who are often unexperienced or had time out of the working world, are given the opportunity to work for a trial period at the business.

Blackburn Jobcentre supports candidates by offering to provide any necessary support during the trial such as travel expenses.

The scheme has been a huge success so far, with the trial resulting in permanent role offers for candidates, including one individual who has been out of work for 6 months but really embraced the trial and is now part of the skilled team.

Steve Allen, Operations Director at Darwen Terracotta said: “Working with the Employer Advisors at the Job Centre has been a revolution to us in the way we recruit new employees. The Work Trial is an excellent idea whereby the Job Centre now provide pre-selected candidates who are willing to undertake the trial in the knowledge that a permanent position is on offer.”

Ian Brown, Chair of Hive said: “This is a great example of what Hive is all about, solving a business issue by bringing together the public and private sector, all to a mutual benefit of the area, in this case helping Darwen Terracotta solve their recruitment problem but also creating new jobs and economic growth for the area.”